Tale Of A Bengali Teen – Ch 1.2

Chapter 1.2 – Stuffing The Bengali Teen

Ahmad was sitting on the edge of his bed, his hand a blur as it moved rapidly over his circumcised cock. His head was thrown back in ecstasy and once in a while, he sighed in pleasure. He was holding a small purple-coloured lacy thong over his face. He held the crotch area with his lips and spread it over his face. “Aaah, Afreen…” he moaned out his daughter’s name. He sniffed at the fabric. Though it didn’t smell of her anymore, he let out another moan. “Why did you leave your father?” He gasped yet again.

Whenever he found himself alone at home, he masturbated thinking about his nineteen-year-old daughter. It was his ritual of some sort. On days when his wife was visiting one of her friends or relatives, he would bring out this thong and start wanking, gasping his daughter’s name, till he came. Then he would lock it back in his secret locker, among his private documents. Sometimes he came with the thong wrapped around his dick. On those days, he would have to wash and dry it before hiding it away.

Afreen attended college at Bhubaneswar, far away from her home and parents. She came home during her semester breaks or after her mid-semester exams. That morning she had called her mom and had informed that she was going to come in a week as her mid-term exams were getting over.

When Ahmad took the phone, she sounded very excited. “Abbuuuu,” she screamed in her cute voice. “How are you?” But before he could respond back, she started telling him about something or the other, completely forgetting the question she had asked. He didn’t mind. He knew she was like that, bubbly and beautiful. He was more like a friend to her. She talked about this and that, giggled, complained about someone or something, giggled some more and then disconnected after good-byes, leaving him in a state of serene bliss.

He just loved his daughter. He had been her only friend for the first seventeen years of her life. Well, there was her mother too, but she’s all strict and conservative, so she didn’t count as one! Afreen used to be thin and skinny and short while growing up. Her classmates used to make fun of her, teasing her about her body. There were days when she would return from school with a tear-stained face. He’d complain to her teachers. Things would quiet down for few days and then the same thing would happen: the taunting and body-shaming would resume.

So one day, he stormed into her school, with his two buddies. She was in class VIII at that time. He, with Joginder and Sujit, vandalized and broke and screamed and shouted around. No one stopped the three tall giants as they ran towards her class and pulled out some boys by their hair and slapped them. Though it was wrong to beat up kids of 13-14 years, they didn’t give a damn.

The Principal of the school reached the spot and tried to stop them. Seeing him, the security guards, who had been mute spectators, also intervened. The three adults were separated, pulled away from the scared and crying kids.

“Calm down, Ahmad,” said the Principal, looking up at him.

“Fuck you, Banerjee babu, if you can’t protect my child,” Ahmad screamed in his face. “I’ll fuck you all.”

The Principal was one of their friends, more of an acquaintance actually. He was also the secretary of the society where they lived. His face reddened. But he controlled his emotions and calmly repeated himself, “Calm down, Ahmad. See, even your daughter is scared,” he added, spotting her in the crowd of students and staff.

Ahmad looked in that direction. Afreen was crying. She had never seen her father like that, out of control, in anger. And that scared her. He shook off the guards and walked towards his daughter. He kneeled down before her and said, wiping her tears. “It’s OK, sweet pea. It’s alright.” He kissed her cheek. “Abbu will not be angry anymore. OK, baby? It stops now. OK?”

But it didn’t stop there. It got out of control when parents of the beaten-up students mobbed the school. Media covered the incident extensively. Police came. Meetings were called. Compromises were suggested. Threats and promises were made alike. And like any other incident, it too burnt itself out.

One thing happened for sure. The shaming and scorning stopped. Two things happened, actually: Afreen got closer to her father.

Well, a third thing happened too. The friendship of Ahmad and Kishor Banerjee, or acquaintance or whatever you call it, wasn’t the same anymore.

Now, Ahmad could feel his climax coming closer. He started stimulating the head of his penis, crushing the thong in his other fist. The purple head was extra large compared to his shaft. He simulated the underside of it. “Oh yes, baby… You sweet, girl…. Abbu loves you…” He imagined his daughter between his legs, stroking his cock, her sweet, innocent smile on her face. “Aaah yes!”

His phone rang. The sharp, shrill ringtone shooed away his orgasm. He grimaced and picked it up, totally pissed off. ‘Sujit’ was flashing on the screen. He connected the call and barked, “What?”

“Whoa!” Sujit sounded surprised. “What’s happened, man?!”

“You called me. So you tell me what’s happened.” Ahmad was completely mad at him.

“Alright! Somebody is pissed off!” Sujit’s voice was playful. He was having fun, irritating an already irritated friend of his.

Ahmad breathed a few times. “Sujit… Why did you call?”

“Jogi called us. Some surprise he said. A gift, in fact!”

“Oh, yeah? It better be his twins.”

Sujit laughed. “Alright! I’ll be there in a minute.” Then he disconnected.

You’ll take at least ten minutes, bastard, thought Ahmad. He threw the phone aside and picked up the thong, deciding to come before his friend arrived. He brought the underwear towards his nose and sniffed. Though it had his musky scent, he whispered Afreen’s name.

He tried hard but he couldn’t concentrate. Unconsciously, he was keeping track of the passing time. He was waiting for his friend to ring the door bell. He tried to conjure up images of his daughter. He failed. He sighed. He gave up.

A gift, Sujit was saying in his head.

It better be his twins, his own words echoed.

Joginder’s two daughters had tried to be friendly with Afreen. They started hanging out with her. Even Banerjee babu’s daughter, a friend of the twins, started being with them. But Afreen didn’t pay much attention to them. “I feel they want to be my friends out of sympathy, Abbu!” she had complained when he had asked about the three girls. “Plus they are my juniors,” she had giggled.

But when she turned seventeen, it was as if some switch was flipped. Her body started developing, growing at right places and in right proportions. By the time she was eighteen, she was a fully-blossomed, beautiful young woman, to be desired by men of any age. At 5’8”, she owned a sexy, slim body. Her legs looked smooth and long. Her arms were perfect. Her lips got fuller; her eyes, ever more beautiful. The only thing that didn’t change was her voice. It was still sweet and innocent like that of a child.

The same classmates who used to make fun of her wanted to be her friends. They started loving her, few even got jealous, both boys and girls alike. She made quite a number of friends and her Abbu wasn’t her only friend anymore. That made Ahmad happy as well as sad at the same time.

One afternoon while he was working on his tablet, she had called out in her baby voice, “Abbu?”

“Yes, baby?” He looked up. She was standing in front of him, in a loose, white, oversized t-shirt and pink hot pants. Her long and smooth legs shone in the filtered sunlight, coming through the closed curtains.

“I’m scared.”

“Hey,” said he, softly, concerned, putting the tablet away. “Come here, honey pie.” She came and sat on his knees, pulling her legs up, curling in his lap, as if she was still a kid and not a beautiful eighteen-year-old. “What’s happened, huh?”

She didn’t say anything for a long time, just hugged him, putting her hands around him, her head on his chest. Even he was quiet, waiting for her to say something, caressing her hair, tucking the loose strands behind her ear. And when she did break the silence, she said, “My friends… They are fake.”


“They are fake,” her voice sounded mature all of a sudden. “They made fun of me, but now behave as if they are my old friends, or whatever.”

“And you were scared because…?”

“I don’t know…” She fell silent once again. And then after a long time, “I don’t need them. I have you.” She cuddled closer, hugging him tighter.

Ahmad could feel her breasts crushing against his chest. Over the past year, they had grown. A lot. From A-cups to D, for sure. Or maybe even dd! His manhood stirred underneath his daughter. And he tried to think of something other than this beautiful young girl, sitting in his lap. The loving and fatherly side was for the world to see. In reality, he’s the biggest pervert of all times, he knew that. And that scared him. Because his daughter was so pure, so good-hearted, so innocent. And he didn’t want to…

“I don’t need them,” repeated she, breaking his chain of thoughts.

“A lone she-wolf, huh, cupcake?”

She blushed, he knew. She would blush whenever he called her sweet, cute names. “I should get it tattooed. ‘Lone she-wolf’, huh?” She giggled.

“Noooo…” protested her father.

“Why?” She broke the hug and sat up straight, facing him.

“Ever seen a Lamborghini with a bumper sticker?” He laughed.

She had just blushed in reply.

And then days later he found himself looking at her undergarments. He had no idea how he ended up doing that, but he didn’t stop himself. They had gotten smaller in proportion, and sexier. She had bought new lacy ones, completely ditching the old granny panties and bras her mother had bought for her. He imagined them on her eighteen-year-old body. And before he knew anything, he was unzipping his pants. He brought his dick out, wrapped one of the panties around it and started stroking it. After a while, as he ejaculated in them, guilt replaced lust. Fear and guilt.

Fuck! His whole body was hot. What have you done, you perverted asshole? She isn’t one of your whores! She is your daughter. He kept cursing himself.

Quickly he washed the panties, cleaning his semen completely. He dried them and then left them where he had found them, how he had found them.

But, next day he was back in her room, pulling the drawer out, staring at her inner garments, selecting one to come into. Then again on the next day, and on the day after that. ‘Come, wash, dry, repeat’ had become his routine.

But then one day shit happened. As soon as he came in one of her red panties, he heard her outside, coming towards her room. He didn’t have any time to process or think. He dropped the semen-coated innerwear back in the drawer, pushed it noiselessly and tip-toed out of her room. But as he was stepping out, he bumped into her.

“Oh, Abbu?”

“Umm…” He was totally blank. “I was looking for you,” he blurted out.

“Yes, tell me. You needed something?”

He stared into his daughter’s eyes for a few moments and then said, “I forgot.”

She frowned but then nodded and stepped inside her room.

For the rest of the day he was scared shitless. You could have pocketed them! But no, you left them behind, dumb idiot, he cursed himself. He couldn’t meet her eyes. He felt as if she was looking at him accusingly, disgusted. For a whole week, he waited with bated breath. He waited for his daughter to shout and scream at him. He waited for his wife to push him out of his own home. He waited for doom. But nothing happened. Everything was normal, especially Afreen. She behaved as if he hadn’t left come-soaked panties in her drawer of clothes. The perverted father grew bolder after that incident. Often, he left them without cleaning, placing them on the top of the pile of her clothes, for her to see the doings of her naughty father. He even started dreaming of fucking her, encouraged by the fact that she didn’t oppose his deed.

Then one fine wintery morning he saw her naked. He urgently needed to talk to her and had barged into her room without knocking. And there she was, his daughter, standing completely naked, with her hair wrapped in a towel and a pair of panties in her hands. She was in the process to put them on, just stepping out of the shower, when he had stepped inside. She just froze when she saw her father.

Even Ahmad froze. He was completely blank for a second or two. But then his mind started processing the beautiful and sexy image. Her body looked fresh and lighter. She had a towel on her head but few strands of hair had escaped out, still wet. Water dripped onto her shoulders and his eyes traced the path one droplet took down her slim body. The droplet gently flowed down from her shoulder to the mound where her big, soft and supple breasts began. Then it gradually rose along her gravity-defying boob, suddenly getting deflected by her small areola, tracing a part of its circumference, completely avoiding her nipples, erect because of the cold. It smoothly went downwards and fell from the lowest point of her breast, landing near her navel, merging into one of the droplets of water sticking to her smooth, flat belly. It gained speed and ran downwards, towards the dark, well-trimmed triangle of hair between her legs, disappearing into it.

Though it was just a matter of seconds, it seemed likes ages to him. Her breasts looked even bigger on her naked slim frame. His cock twitched in his pants and he was back to his senses. “Oh, fuck!” he gasped.

“Oh, God!” Afreen shrieked, finally. One of her hands shot up towards her breasts and the other one between her legs, still clutching the panties.

At once Ahmad stepped back, out of her room, closing the door, beating his reflex to go and fuck her. Half of his mind wanted him to do that very thing: to go back inside and take his daughter. But the other, saner half prevailed. Though the images of her big breasts and lovely, long legs floated in his mind, he rushed towards his own room, only to end up jacking off to the images. No need to say it was awkward for both of them while they had their breakfast. Each avoided other’s eyes, talking as little as possible. Afreen hurried through it and then rushed out for her school. But by evening everything was back to normal. She was back to her giggly self. And Ahmad, all he could think was: I’ve to see her naked body once again.

The doorbell startled him out of his thoughts. “Motherfucker!” he cursed out loud. He realized the thong was around his cock, moving against his shaft as he fapped.

 As he was tying a towel around his waist, the doorbell rang once again. “Coming, dude!” he screamed as he walked towards the door.

“What were you doing?” was the first thing his friend uttered as he stepped inside.

“Masturbating,” said he, curtly.

“Yeah, right!”

Ahmad just shook his head as he left his friend in the hall. Why is it that people don’t believe you when you tell the truth! He went to his bedroom, to put on some clothes; but most importantly, to lock away the thong. He didn’t want his wife to find it when she returned.

Few minutes later they were on their way to Joginder’s house on Sujit’s motor-bike. “Why did he call us?” Ahmad asked.

“I’ve already told you. Some sort of surprise,” said Sujit, twisting the accelerator.

“It better be his daughters.”

“You’ve already said that.” Sujit laughed as he slowly released the clutch.

After few minutes they were outside Joginder’s apartment. The door was slightly open and Sujit knocked once, “Hello, Jogi?” He pushed the door and both of them stepped in.

As Ahmad was stepping in he called out playfully, “It better be the asses of your sluts. Whoa!” Both of them froze. Joginder was sitting on the couch, naked, with someone on her knees between his legs. She looked delicious and inviting from behind and had a red horizontal mark on her butt cheek. Her ponytail was lying on her back, wet because of sweat, perhaps. Joginder’s hand was on her head, moving her mouth along his shaft.

“Who is she?” asked someone, Ahmad wasn’t sure who, as he was in a trance, checking out the gorgeous fuck-toy. She still had her sneakers on!

The girl turned her head to face the two men. “Whoa!” exclaimed Ahmad as soon as the trance broke and he recognized her tear-stained face. “Banerjee babu’s daughter? Isn’t she?”

“Yes,” said Joginder, smiling. “Meet Riya Banerjee, daughter of Kishor Banerjee.” He laughed.

Finally, exclaimed Ahmad. At last!

“Man, you are my truest friend,” said Ahmad as he walked towards them. Sujit cleared his throat behind him. “Yeah, you too, Sujit. But, you, Jogi yaar! Finally, I can get back to that old son-of-a-bitch!” His two friends knew he hated Riya’s father with all his guts. “It never occurred to me that I can punish that obnoxious prick by fucking his daughter!” He sat beside Joginder and looked towards the girl. She was looking down, blushing, but still holding Joginder’s dick. Sujit sat beside him as he resumed talking, “All this while I thought—” He broke off as he saw a wooden cane on the floor. “Oh, so it’s a cane mark on her ass.”

Riya darted her eyes towards the cane and then towards Ahmad. Their eyes met. “You have no idea, baby, what I’m going to do to you.” He licked his lips and she blushed, looking down once again. “C’mon, show us what you’ve got.”

She got up slowly and stood in front of them to display herself. And Ahmad just couldn’t believe his luck. The daughter of his ‘archenemy’ was standing in front of him, fully naked, her C-sized boobs on display for him and his friends. She had smooth, flawless skin just like his daughter. The only difference was in their heights. Afreen was taller than Riya. Also their body frame. While his daughter had a flat belly, Riya had just the right amount of fat to make her more mouth-watering. And not to forget the different size of boobs! Riya’s were smaller, but equally firm and juicy. His cock twitched at the thought.

“Turn around,” Sujit called out.

She chewed her lower lip and then turned around for the three grown-ups to examine her back. The red mark of wood on her bubbly butt was like a prize she wore with pride. Sujit reached out and pinched her soft bun just where the cane mark was present. She squeaked in pain or pleasure, Ahmad didn’t know. Maybe both. Sujit ran his finger along her ass-crack and she shivered. “Bend down.”

Riya bent forward from her hip, her hands on her knees for support, her legs straight. The tiny little bald pink pussy of hers peeked out towards them. It was glistening and few remains of semen were there. Clearly, Joginder had fucked her before calling them.

“Bend more, close your legs and spread your cheeks,” Sujit instructed again. And the hot girl followed. She stretched her buns so that the three men could see her love-holes. The tiny, little, puckered ring of skin made Sujit reach out once again and rub it. She moaned when she felt his fingers on her hole. He flicked his finger, hitting her asshole and she clenched her ass-cheeks on reflex. “No moaning without our permission. Didn’t Jogi teach you rules?”

“Sorry, Sir.”

That pleased Sujit. “Dance for us. Do some twerking or something.” He got up to pick up the cane from the floor and sat back beside Ahmad.

As she moved her body to some tune playing in her head, still facing away from them, Sujit rubbed the cane on her ass. As she squatted and started shaking her butt, he slipped it into her ass crack and started rubbing it against her hole. He even poked once or twice, to check the tightness, perhaps.

“Isn’t she tight?” Joginder said.

Sujit poked a bit harder in reply and Riya made a sound of discomfort. She stopped. “C’mon, keeping shaking them.” Sujit smacked her hole lightly with the cane. The girl groaned and started moving her hips.

“Man, I tell you, her throat is heaven.” Joginder quipped in once again.

“Oh, yeah?” Ahmad broke his silence. “Let’s try it out then. Come here baby girl.”

Riya straightened up and turned towards them, sultrily; look of lust and anticipation on her face. She pushed out her breast to make them seem bigger, locking her hands behind her body. Then she seductively walked towards Ahmad, taking her time, jiggling her boobs.

“Hmm, the little whore is putting on a show!” Sujit chuckled. As she stood in front of Ahmad, Sujit reached out in between her legs to caress her mound and lips. “Man, she is wet!” The men laughed while she blushed. She got on her knees in between Ahmad’s legs and looked into his eyes as she unbuttoned his pants and took out his already hard manhood.

But as soon as she had a look at his dick, the lust and anticipation got replaced by sheer horror. Her eyes got big, wide open with shock, and her lips started trembling. She let go of the dick but it stood straight on its own. It was a huge, monstrous, circumcised cock with a fat bulbous mushroom head and a big fat vein running down the middle. The purple head was abnormally large compared to the rest of the meat. Though it wasn’t as thick as Joginder’s, it was slightly longer than his. And the fact that his little monster scared her pleased him a lot.

She moved away from him and looked towards Joginder, pleadingly. “No, not this one.  Uncle, please. Sir, master? Please. Not him. Please.”

Joginder just laughed. “Don’t worry. Sujit’s cock is normal.” The other two guys joined his laughter.

“Please, Sir,” she pleaded once again.

“Now don’t make me look like a bad master,” Joginder’s voice got sterner. “You’ve already taken my cock. So this one won’t be a problem. Suck him or else…” He didn’t complete his sentence.

Reluctantly, she moved closer and held the base of Ahmad’s cock. Though the look of her tiny hand on his large cock was a great turn on, he said, “No hands.” She pulled it back immediately and moved in closer, positioning her mouth over his dick, her lips inches away from the tip. She stretched her mouth as far as she could and then lowered on his shaft. Her lips rubbed against the huge purple bulb as she slid down. Ahmad moaned as her warmth surrounded the head. It touched the roof of her mouth. She repositioned herself and then resumed going downwards, her lips rubbing the side of his shaft.

Halfway down his cock, the head touched the inside of her throat and she gagged in reflex, pulling back. He held her head and pushed downwards. “You can take more.” Inch by inch, she took him completely into her mouth, sputtering and gagging around his shaft. He could feel her tight little throat around his shaft. Few drops of tear escaped her tightly squeezed eyes. Her face was turning crimson, the veins on her neck getting thicker. Ahmad stopped pushing. On cue, she started moving upwards. But before the head could leave the warm cave of her mouth, Ahmad pushed her down once again, not letting her breathe properly.

This happened once, twice, thrice, many times. She breathed in short gasp when his dick slid out of her little mouth. But it wasn’t enough. She moved her head, trying to shake away his hand but that didn’t happen. He was making her breathless, letting her breathe just enough air to keep her conscious and on the edge. He just loved doing that.

She became restless and tried to push back up, her hands on his knees for leverage. Her eyes were wide open now and water dripped out of them and her mouth.

Ahmad said just one word. “Sujit…”

Sujit got up and pulled out his belt. He yanked her hands away, bringing them behind her. Then he tied the leather belt around her wrists, buckling it tightly so that she couldn’t move her hands at all, in a way that her shoulder blades would hurt every time she tried to free herself. Then he made her get on her feet, still getting gagged by Ahmad’s cock. Once again she was bending from her hip, her legs completely straight, closed together. The awkward angle made her fall on Ahmad’s shaft and she just couldn’t pull her head up. She tried to adjust her legs but Sujit was holding them by her ankles. Helplessly, she stayed put, breathless, her brain without much oxygen.

And when there was no more air inside her, she started shaking her head desperately. She made futile sounds of helplessness. She almost fell, but Ahmad held her hair and started pulling her head up. Air flowed inside her as her throat got unblocked. She made some sound of relief and started coughing. But she couldn’t even cough properly as his dick was still inside her mouth.

He used her hair to move her head up and down. His dick was completely wet and slick because of the spit and drool and tears. He knew she was close to her orgasm. He pushed her head down gagging her once again. He moaned as he too was getting closer.

“Isn’t she good?” asked Joginder, pride in his voice.

“Man, she is fantastic!” exclaimed Ahmad as he pulled her head upwards once again. “I should have fucked her the day she turned eighteen. Her father said I can’t get inside a temple as I’m a Muslim. That I shouldn’t defile it. He talked about caste and religion and shit, that motherfucker. What about now? I’m inside his Brahmin daughter’s mouth and soon will be defiling her cunt and ass too.”

Riya moaned hearing that.

“You like that, bitch, huh?” He slid his cock once again deep inside her mouth. “You want me to fuck your holes, huh? You want a Muslim circumcised cock stretch you loose?” He pulled at her hair to raise her head and then slammed it back once again on his cock.

Another gagged moan escaped her mouth as Sujit got on his knees behind her and started licking her wet, swollen pussy and puckered asshole. He had gotten naked and was kissing and sucking her holes and lips. He was good with his tongue, Ahmad knew that. He could make a frigid cunt climax like a sex-possessed maniac. This little girl wouldn’t last long, she would be coming soon. So Ahmad started face fucking her vigorously. He just loved erotic asphyxiation and wanted this baby slut to experience it. He made it harder for her to breathe. He stayed longer inside her mouth, only letting her breathe in one or two gasps.

“You know what I’d do to punish that motherfucker?” he resumed talking. “I’d fuck his wife too. I would fuck that pig’s wife in his own home, on his own bed.”

Joginder laughed as he stretched his hand to fondle Riya’s breasts. He pinched and tweaked her nipples. “Don’t be crazy, Ahmad. You can’t get inside that hoe. She’s too arrogant to even talk to you. Remember how she ignored you the last time we were there.” He mauled the two milk buns.

“That’s the challenge, man. That’s the fun. I promise you I will seduce her and fuck her and if by God’s grace she is still fertile, have some bastards out of her.”

Riya moaned once again and Ahmad wasn’t sure it was because of his words or because of Sujit’s tongue. Sujit was mind-blowing with his tongue, better than anyone Ahmad had known. He slapped her ass while licking and said, “No moaning without our permission, cunt.” Then he shoved his tongue deep inside her fuck-hole. The girl moaned once again around Ahmad’s dick, trying to wriggle her wrists free. But the leather belt just got tighter in response. “You’d injure yourself, dumb bimbo,” Sujit warned her. “And stop moving your legs else it would be the cane instead of my palm.

That statement made her stop moving. But for how long? Her peak was nearing and it was all overwhelming for her. As Sujit let go of her ankles and started playing with her clit, her knees buckled as she was washed over by the most intense orgasm of her life. She almost collapsed as juices gushed out of her tight tunnel towards her father’s friend’s face. She almost fell down, breathless because of the big meat inside her throat. The veins around her neck were bulging out, on the verge of bursting. Her whole body trembled, held in position by Sujit.

He was holding her hips, mauling and slapping the cheeks. “Don’t fall down,” he kept saying. “Keep your legs straight. Hold your position. Else it would be bad for you.” But the mind-boggling orgasm weakened her legs and she collapsed on her knees, Ahmad’s dick still lodged inside her mouth. “You disobedient tart!” He shoved two fingers inside her vagina and started ramming her even though she was coming and shivering. His hand moved like a piston inside and out of her slumped body.

Soon she was coming once again. The fingering and the face-fucking and the assault on her boobs were enough to make her come twice in a row. Sujit was fingering her like a maniac while Joginder played with her boobs, slapping them from time to time. Ahmad kept using her mouth as he was closer to his own orgasm. His grip loosened as he was about to come.

The girl was in her own world of sweet pain and pleasure. She didn’t care about the slaps and the pinching. She slumped further down on the ground. Two successive orgasms had jolted her, sucking out her energy and strength. The humongous cock slid out of her mouth as her head hit the floor and she dazed out, getting unconscious.

Ahmad cursed loudly as he was robbed of his orgasm once again, for the third time that evening. “You cunt!” He pulled her up by her hair and slapped her hard across her face.

“Hey!” The other two exclaimed in unison.

Ahmad lunged to slap her once again but Sujit pulled her away. “What the fuck, man?”

Joginder pulled Ahmad back on the couch. “What are you doing?!”

Sujit examined her face. It was turning red and soon the bruise will turn darker and ugly. He shot an angry glance towards his friend. “Not cool, asshole!”

“Sorry, man. I got carried away,” Ahmad lied. He wasn’t ‘carried away’, or whatever. He was extremely pissed off and so vented his anger on the little thing.

“Our only rule—” began Joginder.

“Yeah, yeah… ‘Nothing on the face as long as it can be helped.’” Ahmad shrugged. “C’mon, man! She can make up some excuses.”

Sujit shrugged. “Maybe… But control yourself. She is not like that bitch we fucked last month. ”

“Oh, yeah,” Ahmad laughed. “That whore was something else!”

Sujit looked at Riya and asked, “Are you alright, girl?”

She was far from alright. She was totally rattled and shaky because of two successive orgasms and a hard slap, in a state of semi-consciousness. On that, Joginder might have used her properly before calling them, Ahmad was sure. Fuck me, God, Ahmad thought. This little cunt can take a lot!

“I want to go home,” came her feeble, almost inaudible reply. She was trying to twist her hands free, out of the belt.


“I want to go home, Uncle.”

“I heard that the first time,” Sujit retorted. “Who asked what you want or don’t want?” He held her arm and pulled her towards the sofa. To Ahmad, he said, “Get up.” Ahmad got up and Sujit shoved her down at his place, beside Joginder. “You can’t go home yet. I haven’t even fucked you.”

“Please,” she started crying. “I want to go home. It’s hurting.” She looked up towards Sujit. “Please, Uncle. I can’t take it anymore.”

OK, I take my words back, Ahmad thought.

“Didn’t you hear me?” Sujit rasped. “You. Can’t. Go. Home. We are not done yet.”

“You can do it later. Please. Not right now.” She looked towards Joginder, sobbing uncontrollably. “Please, Uncle. Sir, Let me go.”

“Oh, I can’t take this drama.” Ahmad walked away towards the toilet. By the time he was back in the hall, Riya was back on her knees, sucking Sujit’s cock. The cane was poking out of her ass, an inch or two of it buried inside her. It looked very comical, the wiggling movement of the cane as she bobbed her head up and down. She was barefoot now, her sneakers thrown away. “How did this happen?”

“Shut the fuck up. Just be quiet and fuck her.”

Ahmad undressed and kneeled down behind her. He bent his head forward and kissed her ass cheeks, then her pussy lips. They were red because of Sujit’s fingering and pinching. He parted the outer lips and licked the inner pink folds, drawing out a sigh from the girl. He got hold of the cane and started pushing it deeper inside her ass. She squeezed her holes. “Relax,” he said, rubbing the skin around her asshole with his thumb. “Relax your muscles, idiot.” She obeyed and the cane slid another 2-3 inch inside her. Then slowly he brought it out, only to push it back inside her. He bent down once again to lick her clitoris.

Joginder scooted closer to her and brought her head towards his own dick. After few seconds of fucking her skull, he guided her back towards Sujit’s crotch. Sujit got hold of her head and guided his pulsating hard-on inside her gaping mouth. Then back towards Joginder’s prick. She was blowing them, alternating between the two hard cocks, while Ahmad fucked her asshole with the cane, licking her clit.

He parted the swollen lips once again. Her cunt was dripping. She was so horny for the three of them. He bent forward and ran his tongue along her wet folds. She moaned with pleasure while getting her mouth filled by Joginder’s thick cock. He started circling her hole with his tongue while fucking her ass with the cane. He had to use his other free arm to keep her steady as she was squirming. Then he penetrated her with his tongue and more pussy juice gushed out to flood her tunnel and his mouth. He drank it up and ran his tongue down towards her clit, circling it and teasing it until he wrapped his lips around it and started sucking. She moaned deeply.

“Man, this girl doesn’t listen at all.” Sujit pinched her nose shut while his dick was deep inside her throat. “No moaning, OK?”

Riya tried to move away from Sujit as she literally couldn’t breathe. Though she had nodded a yes, Sujit kept squeezing her nose. Her breathless head thrashed around and Ahmad shoved the cane deeper. She groaned in agony and he chuckled as he started teasing her swollen clit between his lips. He even slipped one finger inside her dripping cunt and started fucking her. “Oh, baby! You turn me on so much,” He flicked his tongue firmly against her engorged clit.

“Umph…” the girl cried and Sujit let go of her nose.  She started breathing heavily through her nose but that wasn’t enough. She needed more air. She gasped and coughed as Sujit slid his dick out and passed her towards Joginder’s crotch. Before she could breathe to her content, Joginder shoved his cock down her throat. Her head thrashed from side to side as she tried to free herself.

“Breathe through your nose,” Ahmad laughed and plunged his tongue back inside her cunt. She followed the advice and the wriggling stopped. After few seconds, he brought the cane out of her ass and rubbed it against her pussy lips. It was time to fuck her.

He got up and straddled her ass, pointing his prick towards her pussy. He pressed on her baby-making hole with his monstrous head but it didn’t go inside. He rubbed her juices on his head and tried to insert it once again in her tight, little pussy but failed. “Shit, you are too tight for me.” He spread her pussy lips with his fingers and pushed forward. The head went in with a pop and she shrieked in pain before taking in Sujit’s cock. He pressed further.

She let out another yelp as she felt her father’s friend’s huge cock go into her teenage pussy. She tried to get away from the invading cock but he was holding her thighs. Her fists clenched behind her, still buckled by Sujit’s belt. Her legs squeezed shut and he had to pry them apart. The more she tried to resist the harder he worked to be inside her.

Slowly, he slid his shaft out of her until just the head was left. Then he pushed back in just as slowly. He did that again, and again and again and again. And then suddenly out of nowhere, he rammed his meat into her, drawing a loud, muffled moan from her throat. He pulled his manhood out once again and then shoved it back in. One long smooth motion and he was all the way down to the hilt, stretching her tight hole around him. Her pussy muscles clung to his shaft as if they were made for each other. Every fat, hard, throbbing inch was buried deep in her young pussy. Her tiny hole was stuffed to its limits.

“That bastard Banerjee should have taught you to be a good girl,” said he as he started to fuck her vagina hard. “He should have taught you how to behave. Now we’re going to use his little girl like a little whore.” The thrusts became faster as he started to fuck her pussy into submission. “He thinks he is too smart, huh? We are going to punish him for being a prick by fucking his little cum-rag.”

His dirty words made her moan louder. She just didn’t care about the slaps she was getting on her ass-cheeks or tits for being a ‘disobedient girl’. She was in too much pleasure. She didn’t even care about the pain or about the breathlessness when her nose and throat got blocked. She was high on lust!

Her hair was totally dishevelled, escaping out of her wet hair band. Ahmad pulled it out and almost threw it away when a kinky idea struck him. He pulled his penis out of her gaping hole and wore the hair band around it, like a cock-ring. Then he shoved himself back inside her, all done in one swift, smooth motion. The band got soiled by their juices as he pounded her mercilessly, pinching and fingering her clit and asshole.

Few more powerful thrusts later, he was coming inside her tight baby-maker. Waves after waves of semen came out of her dick in thick white ropes and filled her womb. He let out an animalistic groan and collapsed on her as the thrice delayed orgasm hit him pretty hard. The fact that he was coming inside Banerjee babu’s daughter made it so much sweeter. He wanted to trash-talk but the high of his orgasm didn’t allow him to. The hair band got sticky, completely coated with white goo as his member throbbed inside her and juices leaked out.

He pulled his cock out and more semen started dripping out of her. The white viscous river flowed downwards towards her inner thighs, coming out of her vagina in globs, making faint sputtering sounds. He patted her butt-cheeks lovingly as he straightened himself up, and dropped himself on the sofa. “Man, that was fantastic!” said he, finding his voice.

Sujit glanced towards him and commented, “You are one kinky bastard! What’s up with her hair band?!”

Ahmad looked towards it. It was still around the base of his flaccid cock, covered with thick, milky fluid. He chuckled lightly and waved at the little whore. “Here, munchkin. Put it back on.”

Riya, who was being gagged by Joginder, turned her eyes towards Ahmad. She saw her dirty hair band around his dick and frowned. Joginder pulled himself out of her mouth and patted her chin. “Go on. Do what he says.”

She looked reluctant and confused at first, but then looked at Joginder and gestured towards her hands buckled behind her back. “Can you, umm, free my hands? Sir?”

Joginder chuckled and brought her face closer. He slid his cock back inside her mouth as he bent forward towards the belt-bound wrists. He unbuckled it and let it fall down. Then he pulled his cock out and said, “Now off you go.”

The girl crawled on her fours and came between Ahmad’s legs. She freed her band and then started putting it back on, tidying her wet hair. In the process, the semen stuck to her hair and fingers. She licked her fingers clean and then tried to clean her hair. But the come only spread further.

“Don’t worry about your hair,” said Sujit. “By the end, there will be come all over you.”

She blushed, gave up and sat back on her haunches, waiting for further instructions.

Ahmad said, “Let me tell you about a whore of ours. We called her Rapunzel because she had long hairs, up to her thighs.”

“Hey, continue your story afterwards. First, I need to fuck that lovely ass of hers,” declared Joginder.

“Just don’t come inside her,” said Sujit. “I don’t wanna go sloppy seconds.” He glanced towards Ahmad.

Ahmad chuckled, “Sorry, man. She’s just too hot to think about others.” He laughed

The two men got up as Joginder spread himself on the sofa. He laid himself on his back and told Riya to climb on him.

Sujit sat by his legs and told her to face towards him, away from Joginder.

Joginder held his cock, hard as a rock and pointing straight, as she positioned her ass over it. It was totally slick and lubricated because of the throat-fuck.  He reached up to her waist and started lowering her on his cock. It stretched her tiny puckered asshole as it slid inside, bit by bit. She held her breath, holding Ahmad’s hand for support, and strength too. After lots of fidgeting and squirming and grimaces, she was completely impaled on his abnormally thick cock.

Ahmad could only see her expression of pain as her tight asshole was stretched. She was biting her lower lips, her eyes shut, breathing difficulty. She was still holding his hand, her grip tight around his fingers. She was obviously in pain. He started playing with her nipples, to make her feel better. He even sucked them once or twice.

Sujit got hold of her feet and pulled them towards his mouth. He licked her toes one after another, tickling her sole lightly. The girl giggled, and Ahmad too started tickling her sides. Joginder laughed as he started moving her up and down. The giggling stopped for a moment as discomfort took over her. But Ahmad kept poking his fingers around her waist and she giggled again, trying to get away from his fingers.

“Your toes are so cute, baby. Even the nail art. Lovely! Did you paint them yourself?”

“Yes,” said she, still trying to keep Ahmad’s fingers away. To Ahmad, she said, “Uncle, please! Don’t do it.” She laughed a bit more as Ahmad ignored her plea. He forgot for a while that she’s the daughter of the man he hated most. Sujit lowered her feet towards his crotch as Joginder pounded her mercilessly. Riya didn’t know what to do. Should she moan in pain or should she laugh because of the tickling? Or should she marvel at whatever Sujit was doing?

Sujit was guiding her feet along his shaft, getting a footjob. After a while, he told her to do it on her own. So she followed and moved her feet along his cock, moving her legs up and down. But she couldn’t sync it properly as Joginder fucked her from underneath.

Ahmad got hold of her head and started lowering her towards his soft, dirty dick. She took his cock in her hand and slowly licked the mushroom head, cleaning him of the last few drops of come that clung there. “No hands.” Then he slid between her lips. He could feel her tongue swirl around the sensitive head then slide down the shaft as more and more of his penis eased inside her mouth. The dickhead touched the back of her throat and she started bobbing her head.

She was sitting on Joginder’s crotch, jumping on his dick, and was bending sideways to suck Ahmad, trying to make him hard for another round. Her legs were stretched straight where she was supposed to move her feet along Sujit’s shaft. Which she couldn’t. Because of the awkward position. And because of the hard ass-fuck she was getting. Sujit realised that. He got hold of her feet and moved them up and down, his cock sliding in between the arches of her feet, wet and slick because of his licking. He had foot fetish, Ahmad knew that.

Ahmad looked back towards his own cock which was getting hard now. Life stirred in it and he grew bigger and harder in her mouth. He could feel her tongue flicking and licking his head and the underside of his cock. “Where the fuck did you learn to suck a cock like that?” he moaned deeply.

She just looked up into his eyes and blushed, moaning herself.

“Someone has been training this little cumslut,” added Joginder, huffing and puffing beneath her as he fucked her ass. “Isn’t it right?” He reached around between her legs and started playing with her clit and pussy lips.

Riya moaned once again around Ahmad’s cock. She was responding back to Joginder’s thrusts, riding him like a pro. Ahmad’s come was stilling dripping out of her. The white globs slid down to her ass, lubing up Joginder’s cock a bit more. She had resigned herself completely to lust, letting the men use her according to their wish.

“Have you taken a cock up your ass before?” asked Joginder. “Huh, little bitch?”

Ahmad pulled his cock out of her mouth. “Stop. Answer us first.”

She blushed and nodded her head. Then she looked once again in his eyes, wiping her drool using her fingers. Then she sucked them, a naughty expression on her face. That just made Ahmad push his cock back inside her mouth. And she welcomed it willingly. Once, Joginder had said that she had ‘fuck-me’ eyes. Guess he was right. Ahmad started face-fucking her once again.

“You know what, I think her father taught all this to her. He is already a prick. Might be he is a pervert too!” He looked down in her tear-stained eyes. “Isn’t it so, baby slut? That son-of-a-bitch Banerjee fucked your ass and your cunt, isn’t it? He taught you to suck a cock like a paid whore, huh? I guess he fucks you in the school too.”

Riya moaned hearing that and started riding Joginder faster. The slapping sound of their bodies filled the room, and Ahmad kept fucking her small mouth. Joginder was rubbing her clit and it seemed she was nearing her peak once again.

“I’m sure he pimps you out to other teachers and friends to earn some extra money.” Ahmad laughed.

That was it for her. She trembled and shivered in pleasure as Joginder kept fucking her ass. One of his arms was around her waist, moving her body up and down, while with his other hand he rubbed her clit. She had stopped bobbing her head and so Ahmad took charge of her mouth, gagging her breathless throat.

When the trembling subsided, Sujit said, “Let her speak now.”

Reluctantly, Ahmad pulled himself out once again and held her chin. “Tell us, honey. Tell us about your pimp dad.”

Her face turned red as she spoke, “No… Baba doesn’t do anything to me.” ‘Baba’ is a Bengali term for ‘father’. “My teachers… They fucked me on my birthday. And then every day for the next three weeks…” she trailed away.

Joginder groaned loudly and pushed her up on her feet, standing up himself. He pushed her back down on her knees and started jerking. “Push your boobs together.”

She obeyed, pushing them closer, holding them from below. The cleavage formed by the elevated breasts was tantalizing and Ahmad had a mind to come himself on her tits. She was looking straight into Joginder’s eyes, unblinkingly, as he kept jerking, waiting for his come to coat her tits.

With a convulsion, Joginder came. His dick throbbed as streams of white semen shot out of his dick-hole. The first string flew and landed on her face, making a white streak across her cheek, lips and chin. Riya closed her eyes on reflex. The next one landed on her boobs. The pulsating cock throbbed once again and her neck received the next wave of come. The rest came out in drops, sprayed across her entire breasts and neck. The drops slid down towards the valley made by her boobs pushed together and disappeared into her deep cleavage.

She opened her eyes and looked down towards the ‘pearl necklace’. Her chest was slimy because of the semen. For a split second, Ahmad saw her crinkling her nose. But then she looked up towards them, waiting for them to say something, tired because of multiple orgasms.

“Thus I complete my deal,” declared Joginder as he sat down. “Fuck her to your heart’s content and my end of the deal is done.”

“Hell no!” exclaimed the other two men at once. The three friends had made a deal a few months back. Each one of them had to ‘gift’ a girl for gangbang sessions. Not that they hadn’t shared a woman before. They had been sharing partners since their college days. This new ‘deal’ was made up when Sujit seduced his sister-in-law for a group fuck.

“We want your twins,” said Ahmad.

Joginder got uneasy as he glanced towards Riya, who was between his legs, cleaning his dick.

“What? Are you ashamed to accept your perverseness in front of their friend?” asked Sujit. “You don’t want this girl to know that you want to fuck your daughters?”

Joginder got visibly uneasy, fidgeting a little. “Guys, they are good girls.”

“Good girls my ass.” Ahmad gestured Riya to come to him. As she crawled towards him, he resumed, “I bet the two of them play naughty games together. Might be this girl joins them too, huh?” He looked down towards her as he offered his dick. “Isn’t it, sexy? You three friends get naughty together, right?”

“Noo…!” she cooed. “We are not that kind of girls.”

“You are sucking and fucking three grown-up cocks,” Sujit shot back. “Don’t tell us what kind of girl you are.”

She reddened listening to that. She looked cute even with the bruise caused by Ahmad’s slap. Silently, she kept licking Ahmad’s cock until Sujit called her towards his crotch.

“We want your daughters. That’s it. Or are you going to be selfish and keep them for yourself?”

Joginder averted his eyes.

“Wait a minute,” interjected Ahmad. “Have you already fucked them and not telling us about it?”

“Oh, c’mon, guys!” Joginder looked uneasy.

Ahmad kept staring at him. For a split second, he thought Joginder might have already had sex with his daughters and keeping it a secret. But then he decided to trust his friend from childhood. “I trust you. You will tell us the day you fuck them. OK?”

“It’s not like that, brother. They are good, innocent girls.”

“Bah!” Sujit broke into mock laughter. “I gave you an eighteen-year-old girl. You should too.”

“She is eighteen,” Joginder said pointing towards Riya, who had an expression of cluelessness written on her face.

Sujit told her to sit on his lap. As she got up and straddled him, he held his cock straight up. Riya lined her pussy to the cock and slowly lowered herself onto her father’s friend’s cock. But Sujit had other plans. He moved his cock towards her other hole and told her to keep going down. Once the head was inside her well-fucked ass, she lowered herself further down till she was completely sitting on his lap. He just looked at her sitting there impaled on his cock. Her breasts looked so perfect; glistening because of his friend’s come. Holding her waist he told her, “Bounce up and down.”

She caught her breath and arched her back at the sensation of his cock, and continued bouncing on his lap, taking his cock deep inside her ass. She chewed her lips in ecstasy.

Sujit resumed as if he hadn’t stopped talking. “Jogi, think it this way. If you let us fuck your daughters, we can have a blast with three eighteen-year-olds! I might even tell Payal to join us!” Payal was his sister-in-law, his wife’s sister. “Imagine, four eighteen-year-old teen cunts for us old dicks!”

The thought of fucking Joginder’s twins along with Riya and Payal made Ahmad too hard. He got up and walked towards her mouth. It seemed he was in love with her throat. Joginder was right. Her throat indeed was heavenly.

She got hold of his cock. Ahmad clicked his tongue in frustration. “No hand! Don’t you understand a simple thing? No hands and teeth during a blowjob. Didn’t your teachers teach you that?” All the three men laughed while her face turned rosy, taking the erect penis in her mouth. “Enough of your disobedience. If you do anything wrong, by God I promise I will throw your naked ass out on the streets.”

She nodded.

Joginder sat on one side as he tapped something on his phone, lost somewhere else. He looked too tired. “We should wrap this up. My daughters will be home in an hour.”

“Oh, man! I haven’t even fucked her properly!” Ahmad complained.

“Fuck her ‘properly’ some other day.” And then as an after-thought: “So, we are cool, right? She is my end of the deal.”

“Whatever…” Sujit murmured as he buggered her.

“Then mine will be her mother,” declared Ahmad.

“What the fuck, man?!” Sujit sounded too pissed off. “I want Afreen!”

“Oh, yeah? Even I want her,” said Ahmad. “I want to sleep with my daughter and I have the guts to accept it, unlike Jogi.”

“Hey!” Joginder reacted.

“My daughter is innocent and pure too, just like his twins.” To be honest, Ahmad wasn’t quite sure about that. Her silence about his perverted deeds confused him. What does she want? Why doesn’t she complain to her mother? He was sure his wife wouldn’t stay quiet after knowing something like that. That meant Afreen hadn’t said anything to her. But why? He had seen her naked only once and that image floated in front of his eyes as he started pumping his cock in Riya’s mouth.

“Hey, that’s not fair!” Sujit was trying his best to enjoy Riya’s ass but the argument with his friends just made it difficult. “We’re supposed to share someone from our family. That was the deal. I shared my sist—”

“Yeah, yeah,” Ahmad cut him off. “Tell that to Jogi.”

“Stop behaving like kids!” Joginder said. “I am fine with her mother. I would even love to fuck the two of them together.”

“That’s a kinky idea.” Ahmad laughed. Though he wanted to have his friend’s two daughters as his fuck-slaves, the mother-daughter duo was enough as a consolation prize. “My new to-do item: having a threesome with Banerjee’s wife and daughter on his own bed!” The naughty idea brought him closer to another climax.

“Whatever, assholes… I promise you, I won’t even tell you or call you or anything when I am able to make my wife have a threesome with her sister and me.”

“Hahaha…” Ahmad laughed. “That’s another kinky idea!”

Sujit just ignored him and held Riya closer. He flipped so that he was on top now. Ahmad’s cock came out of her mouth and she gasped a few times. Ahmad once again came near her and bent, driving his cock back in her mouth.

The anger and frustration Sujit felt were taken out on her asshole. The ramming he gave was sure to deform her rectum. She tried to protest, wincing in pain. “Uncle, please, no more!” she was able to say as Ahmad was pulling his cock out.

“You dumb bitch!” Sujit pulled his cock out. “You won’t listen, huh?” He spread her legs and started slapping her inner thighs. Even Ahmad started slapping her tits and pussy. They slapped her in quick successions, turning her body into a deeper shade of scarlet. She tried to close her legs to get away from the assault but got her legs stretched instead. Then the slapping resumed.

“What did I say? If you disobey us I will personally throw you out, naked and cum-stained.”

She pleaded, saying something which sounded like a gagged ‘Please, Sir’.

“Be quiet. And spread your legs. If you close your legs again it will be that cane instead of our hands.”

In spite of the warning, the sweet stinging pain made her close her legs. Ahmad pinched her nipples hard as Sujit went to bring the cane. When he was back with it, he swung it and the stick landed on her folded hips. She let out a hearty gagged scream. Ahmad stopped pinching her nipples and spread her legs. Sujit gave few quick blows on her thighs. One even landed on her pussy mound. Her screams got louder.

Sujit stretched her legs straight and caned her soles twice. He swung once again and it landed on the upper soft skin of her feet. Welts formed immediately and she shrieked.

She kept crying in pain, protesting, wriggling her body and legs. She winced as each blow landed on her soft teen body. But the weight of Ahmad’s body didn’t let her get free. He was sitting on her face, his penis lodged deep inside her throat and he was back to pinching her nipples, pulling them outwards.

Sujit stopped caning her feet and raised her legs, exposing her ass cheeks. He rubbed the wood on her ass crack a few times. Then a quick flick of the hand and another cane mark appeared immediately on her ass buns. He pinched the red and purple straight lines. “You want more?”

Joginder answered on her behalf, “Cut it, man. We don’t have much time?” All this while he was sitting on one side, still doing something on his phone.

Sujit dropped the cane and shoved Ahmad aside. He pushed Riya down on her knees and stood over her. “Suck my cock.” Ahmad joined and she started blowing two cocks simultaneously. Her eyes were closed and fresh tears stained her face. She didn’t protest as their dicks slid past her lips, crying noiselessly. “We treat you like a princess and you stop listening to us!”

Ahmad had no idea what Sujit was talking about! But he too joined in for trash talking. “We will show you your real place. You are just a cum-rag. We will cover your body with our seeds.

“I didn’t tell you about our Rapunzel, huh?” he continued. “She was another arrogant bitch, just like you. Long haired, crazy, haughty bitch.  Crashed into my car but didn’t apologize. You know what we did? We taught her a good lesson. We kept coming in her hair. We made her massage it on her scalp. By the time we were done with her, she smelled awful.”

Suddenly he pulled his cock out of her mouth and started jerking rapidly as he was close. The images of his old fuck-toy along with Riya’s throat did the job for him. Sujit did the same. Two cocks hovered inches above her face as the two men jerked themselves to orgasm.

Ahmad came first. With a gasp, his semen spurted out and landed on her forehead and eyes. Sujit was seconds behind and his stream got caught among her hair. They kept manipulating their cock heads as her face got coated by their seeds. Sujit shoved his still leaking cock in her mouth and Ahmad caught a handful of her hair to wipe his cock. “Clean my cock too,” ordered he.

After she was done licking and cleaning them, Joginder brought a pill from somewhere and handed it to her. “Take it. Or do you want to be my babymaker?” He handed her a water bottle. He was also carrying a bunched pair of soiled panties.

She blushed, still kneeling between them. She took the pill and drank from the bottle. She looked super hot with her come-covered face and sticky, messy hair with sweat and semen.

“We need to get you fixed,” said Ahmad. “Sujit will take care of it. Be ready tomorrow morning.” Sujit was an OB-GYN. “Doctor Uncle will take care of you.” They burst into laughter as it was their old joke. It started after they shared a 19-year old college girl, who used to call Sujit ‘Doctor Uncle’.

“Your sofa is ruined, man,” said Sujit and all of them turned to look at it. It was stained by their juices and a faint smell of sex rose from it.

“It’s OK,” Joginder laughed. “I’ll take care of it.” He pulled her up and wiped her whole body clean using the blue panties. Then he made her wear them, even though they were stained by their semen and her juices and tears and sweat. “Now get dressed. My daughters might be here any moment.”


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