Tale Of A Bengali Teen – Ch 1.1

Chapter 1.1 – Using The Bengali Teen

That hot summer afternoon, Joginder was sitting on his couch, staring at the TV, his mind somewhere else. He was thinking about the steamy, hot sex session from the last night. His twin daughters were extra-willing and extra-adventurous. God knows what took over the two of them. They literally wore him down. He was so spent that he couldn’t wake up in the morning. And when he did wake up, he found two mouths wrapped around his hard cock.

According to him, it was a miracle that he was hard once again. His last thought before passing out was that his cock was dead, for ever! His sex life’s over! But watching his two daughters take care of his morning wood was something assuring. Though tired, he loved the feel of their warm mouths, their teasing eyes, their sexy giggles.

“Daddy’s tired, princesses,” he had said, lazily.

“It’s OK, daddy,” Jasmine replied to that. “Just lie back. Let us take care of you for a change.” Then she engulfed the whole of his 7.1” cock and Joginder couldn’t help but moan.

“Oh, fuck, sweetie!”

Jasmeet giggled and placed her hand on the back of her sister’s head, gagging her on their father’s penis. They called it ‘The magic trick of disappearing dick’.

His train of thoughts was stopped by the door-bell. He stirred out of his trance and moved to check who it was. He realized that he was hard once again. So he stopped near the door, looking down at the tent of his boxers and mentally urging it to go down.  Another bell…


He opened the door just a bit and peeped outside, hiding his lower body behind the door. The sight that greeted him was another assault on his manhood.

Riya was standing there, in front of him, looking up into his eyes with her ultra gorgeous eyes. The kohl lines around her eyes made them super sexy. The smile on her face, the fair colour of her body, the blue mini skirt, the white tank top, the matching sneakers, everything about her turned him on. Always. Without fail. She had what he called a ‘sluty smile’ and ‘fuck-me eyes’.

“Hi, Uncle,” she said in her sweet baby voice, rising up on her toes to kiss him on his cheek. Joginder had to bend down, like always, as her 5’2” body couldn’t reach up to him. It was their ritual of some sort. She would kiss him on his cheek every time they meet, followed by a half-hug. That embarrassed Joginder a lot. A LOT! Especially when she did it in front of others.

After the kiss, she pulled him out from behind the door to hug him. And he had nowhere to hide his hard on. So he closed his eyes, praying that she wouldn’t notice. But, shit happens…

While hugging, the hard on got pressed against her body. Shit!!! But she didn’t react to that. Maybe she didn’t notice!

As soon as she let him go, Joginder hid half of himself once again. “Wh-what happened, Ri-Riya?” He mentally kicked himself, for behaving like an embarrassed teenager.

“Where are they?” she asked.

“Umm, they went to the mall, Riya. For a movie or something.”

“And the bitches didn’t even tell me!” She pouted her lips and he imagined how it would feel, her lips around his cock.

“Riya!” Joginder frowned, in spite of his perverted imaginations.

“Sorry!” The pout turned into a sweet, sexy giggle. She was a sex bomb, lusted by many. Daughter of the secretary of their society, she was a childhood friend of his twin daughters. Same circle of friends, same school, and now going to the same college! The secretary of the society, her father, was also the Principal of their school!

She had a huge crush on him, his daughters had told that during one of their fuck sessions. A barely legal eighteen-year-old teen with 32c-26-34 assets was a dreamgirl of anyone. Anyone would like to get into her pants. Time and again he had fucked his daughters imagining he was doing it with Riya. But he never tried to do anything with her, partly because he was a good friend of her dad, and partly because his girls were too jealous of her. Though they were the best of friends, they didn’t like the way Riya made him feel. He was their dominant daddy, not some embarrassed boy! But, they teased him about it too! Strange!

“Helloooo? Uncle…!” Riya snapped her fingers. “Where did you go?”

Joginder shook himself back to reality, only to realize that he was not hiding behind the door anymore. He was standing in front of the girl, his tent in full view! Oh, my God! When did that happen?!

He was about to hid himself once again when Riya pushed him aside. “Can I come in?” she asked, stepping inside.

“S-sure,” said he, closing the door. He went directly to his couch and sat down, trying to concentrate on the TV, unconsciously tracking the movements of Riya. She went to the fridge, bent down from her hips, her legs straight. The skirt rode up and the blue panties shone on her white body.

There she goes again…

Riya never left any chance of teasing him. Always wearing skimpy skirts around him, she was in a habit of finding excuses to bend down in front of him, sometimes from her waist, sometimes on all her four.

She took out a water bottle and started drinking from it, her lips around the top of it, sucking it a bit. Joginder gulped.

 I have to talk to her. This must stop.

After putting the bottle away she came up to him and plopped beside him on the couch. At least she didn’t sit on my lap this time!  “What are you watching, Uncle?” God, her voice!!!

Joginder forced himself to talk to her about her teasing. “Riya I’ve something important to talk about.”

“Yes?” She scooted closer, if one can, and batted her eyelashes, sexily.

“This must stop.”


“This…” He stood up and gestured vaguely. “You should stop doing this. You should stop teasing me. You should stop wearing such short skirts. Half of your butt was visible! Your—”

“Were you checking out my butt?!” Her eyes got big!

Joginder was at a loss of words. It was one of that what-the-fuck moments! Does she know? She had used the exact same words that Jasmeet told when she was the one teasing and seducing him. He couldn’t reply then, and he couldn’t reply now. He just sat back on the couch, his head hung low. At least his hard on was gone!

“Oh, c’mon, cheer up, Uncle. It’s alright.” She kissed on his cheek. “It’s OK!”

He just nodded, his mind completely numb.

“Off-ohh…” She stood up and sat on his lap.


“It’s alright, Uncle. Don’t think about it. OK? Now just… let’s watch some TV, huh?” She sounded as if she was an adult and he was a kid! She picked up the remote and started surfing. “Oh! Tom & Jerry! I just love the show!”

He was too blank and scared to even react. He kept thinking about that sentence. Does she know? Have they told her? Shit, it’s so embarrassing! He fished for his phone and sent a message: Have you two told Riya anything about us? ‘Daddy and his princesses’ was the name of the WhatsApp group. His two daughters were giggling in the DP. Shit, man!

Nobody responded. Maybe the two girls were busy. Or maybe their phones were on silent. Or maybe…

Jasmeet was more mature of the two. More outspoken, more adventurous and bolder. She was the older one too, full thirty-three minutes older. Smart and witty, she can never let you win an argument. Jasmine was more of a kid, child-like. Though she was 18, she still needed her teddy bear to go to sleep! And that’s what turned Joginder on like some mad man! Watching his younger daughter naked, clutching her brown teddy bear excited him much more than any aphrodisiac could. She was clutching it even when he entered her for the first time. She almost tore Mr. Teddy out of pain when he deflowered her.

Oh, fuck!

That’s when he realized that he was hard once again. Not only that, Riya was grinding her buttock, very slowly, on his hard on. She was sitting directly on his crotch, his penis sticking directly to her pussy, through layers of clothes.

“Riyaaa…” He couldn’t say more. It was too pleasurable! Riya turned towards him and kissed his lips without any warning. He pulled back, surprised. And she looked into his eyes. Her eyes were full of lust. The kohl-lined fuck-me eyes begged Joginder to fuck her. And Joginder decided to oblige. He pounced on her lips.

He kissed her lips as if there was no tomorrow. He sucked her lips, bit them even. He licked them with his tongue, inserting his tongue in her mouth. Their tongues met and Riya moaned. He started kissing her neck, her shoulders, back to her chin and lips.

She got off his lap and sat on the ground, between his legs. She looked up into his eyes as she unzipped him and took out his penis. Once out, she started jerking it, kissing it lightly once in a while. She kissed the tip, the base, the head; but she didn’t take him in her mouth.

“What are your fantasies, Uncle? Your kinks?” she giggled and licked the underside of his dick.”Your kitty will fulfill all your desires! Tell me what you like.” She was teasing him. And Joginder didn’t like getting teased when it came to blowjob. It was time to show that he was the daddy dom and not the submissive, embarrassed kid. Plus, she gave him a get-out-of-the-jail-for-free card with her ‘kitty’ sentence!

He slapped her. Lightly, mind you, but firmly. There would be no marks on her cheek for her to explain but the slap was firm enough to leave her dazed.

“What—” she began, but he cut her short.

“Shut up and suck my cock.” He held the back of her head and forced the cock inside her mouth. She had to stretch her mouth open to get his cock. Joginder knew his cock was abnormally thick, but he also knew that she will get a habit of it, like his daughters did. He was going to use this Bengali teen to his fullest desire.

She tried to pull away, but his strategically place hand didn’t allow her to. Instead, he pushed her further down his cock. Her face was distorted because of her open mouth. It was turning red and soon it would turn purple, he knew that. He liked gagging a girl on his thick cock. Plus, he was decently long too, at 7.1”. He just loved chocking girls on his cock.

A retching sound came out her throat. She tried to pull back, her eyes teary. But he didn’t allow. She looked at him pleadingly. Just one more moment. She gagged once again and Joginder pulled his cock out.

A burst of relief and air entered her mouth, almost choking her again. She coughed and coughed, trying to wipe the tears away. But she was too dizzy to do that. Her hand trembled. Hell, her body trembled.

“I like choking a tease like you,” Joginder answered now. “I like being the dominant daddy! You know what else I like? Choking them over and over again.” With that, he pushed his cock into her mouth once again. It was amazing to see that though her mouth was stretched, she avoided scrapping his penis with her teeth. Like a pro! It was not her first time, for sure! That delighted him a lot!

He started fucking her mouth with delayed strokes. He choked her for a while, then pulled his cock out completely, only to stuff it back after a second or two. And soon he started fucking her mouth with full-fledged vigour and rapid strokes. Tears flowed out of her eyes without stopping. Her face had completely turned red. Her jaws started to hurt.

“Oh, c’mon, cheer up, Riya! It’s alright.” He was repeating her words. “It’s OK!” Joginder pulled out his cock. “How is it, huh?” Riya couldn’t answer. How could she? She was busy trying to catch her breath. She tried to wipe her face but he stopped her. She looked up at him, puzzled. In return, he spat on her face.

She was shell-shocked by the action. She couldn’t register what exactly did happen. He spat once again and before she could say or protest, he shoved his cock back in her mouth. But it seemed he was bored of it. Because he pulled it out within few seconds.

Oh, wait! He wanted to humiliate her further. He started smearing her face with the mixture of spit and pre-cum that was sticking to his cock. He rubbed his cock on her face, spreading the spit. Her kohl got smeared, making the area around her eyes black. He spat once again and shoved his cock back into her mouth, deep-throating her.

One could only wonder how the table turns. She came here to tease him but ended up getting humiliated by him.

For the next part, he started teabagging. He stuffed his large scrotum in her mouth and ordered her to lick. And, strangely, she obliged. He could feel her tongue lick his balls. He brought out his balls and said, “Lick them properly.” He laughed when he saw her nodding like an obedient child. He stuffed his balls once again.

After he was satisfied with her mouth, he turned his attention to other body parts. He pulled out her top, the neckline of which was already wet because of spit, sweat and precum. He almost ripped open the white bra. He pulled down the panties, smelled it and then wiped her face with it. He cleaned her face completely and then threw the panties away too. He didn’t remove her skirt; well it wasn’t much of a hindrance. Then he ordered her to stand in front of her. He looked at her from top to bottom. She was standing there, still dazed, in her blue mini skirt and sneakers.

“Do you know what I’m going to do to you?” he asked, a cunning smile on his face.

“F-fuck m-me?” Her hesitating voice was another turn on!

He laughed, heartily. “Much more than that. Tom will chase Jerry and I will stretch the kitty…!”

Actually, Tom and Jerry show was over. Joginder glanced towards the TV after making his statement and saw that some other show was airing. He didn’t know about it. “Which show is this one?” he chuckled.

Riya followed his eyes, glanced back at the screen for a moment and then resumed looking at her toes.

“I asked what the name of this show is,” he said, loudly.

Riya quickly looked up, startled by his voice, and looked back once again, taking her time, this time. When she looked back towards Joginder, she shook her head. “I don’t know.” Her voice was barely audible.

He chuckled. This confident, bubbly, teasing bitch was intimidated and dazed! His laughter made her to look down once again. “Look up,” ordered he, at once, “into my eyes.” And she followed, but averted her eyes after a second or two.

The view he had was so kinky that he feared about his cock. It might explode any moment. She was standing before him, blocking half of the TV, her hair tied in a ponytail. Few strands came loose, out of the hair band. Her blue skirt was pulled upwards up to her midriffs, completely exposing her shaved vagina and smooth, silky legs. She still had her sneakers on and that turned him on a lot. It was his fetish of some kind, fucking a girl in her footwear. Her boobs were tantalizing when looked directly, round and firm. In short, perfect. She had fat at the right places. “F-fuck m-me?” Her sweet, sexy, hesitant, baby like voice echoed in his head. He couldn’t wait longer.

“Lose your skirt and come here.” He started removing his trousers which had marks of spit and precum on them. By the time his trousers were off, she was walking towards him, naked except for her sneakers and hair band. Joginder let out an animalistic moan. He would fuck the living life out of her!

He held her nipple and pinched it lightly. Then he pulled at it, pulling her down. She was about to groan but the sound got drowned as he placed his lips on her and started kissing her passionately. Their lips danced together once again, biting and sucking and licking. Riya let out a moan of passion and he pinched her nipple very hard. She shrieked and pulled back, looking into his eyes, astonished.

“Don’t moan,” he warned. “Never make any sound until I tell you to. Understood?” His gaze was stern and that scared her a bit.

She nodded.

“Say it out.” His voice grew louder.

“I won’t make a sound, Uncle.”

“SIR! Not Uncle. You call me sir or master from now on.”

“Yes, sir.”

He pulled her closer and started sucking her pink nipple, while playing with the other one, rolling it between his fingers. Nibbling and flicking his tongue on it, he was good at sucking nipples, he knew that. He moved his mouth to the other one, busying his fingers on the recently abandoned wet nipple. Pulling it, pinching it, rolling it, pushing it inside her soft boobs, he continued playing with her nipples. He knew it must be hard for her, not moaning at all, standing in front of him silently. He waited for her to moan. He knew she would moan any moment now. How could she resist his tongue on her nipple! He sucked her nip hard and then held it lightly between his teeth, licking the tip.

“Ahhh-aiieeee” Her moan of lust turned into a scream of horror. As soon as she moaned, he bit her nipple very hard. She tried to pull back but that made it worse. Teeth dug deeper into her pink flesh. She screamed louder, wriggling in pain. Joginder let go of her nip.

A drop of blood appeared where he held with his teeth. She was crying hard, shaking violently. Tears flowed freely out of her eyes.

“I warned you about moaning,” he said, matter-of-factly. “Don’t blame me!”

Riya didn’t say anything, still crying.

“Now stop crying and come here.” But she didn’t move, sniffing, standing at her place. “I said come here!” he repeated, loudly.

She walked closer, slowly. When she was within his reach, he grabbed her tits and pulled her. He made her sit on his lap, his cock pressed between her ass cheeks. He was no longer embarrassed when his hard on got pressed against her. In fact, he dug it deeper into her soft buns.

“See, sweet pea, you said you will be my kitty, no?” he said cajolingly, his voice soft. He had decided to change his tactic. Too much roughness can drive her away. He wanted to keep her as his long-term personal cumbag. He wanted her again and again. “You said you will fulfill all my desires.” He kept on playing with her boobs and nips. “So, it’s not fair if you keep shrieking and screaming, right?”

She wiped her tear. “But, Uncle—”

“Did I tell you to speak?” The softness in his voice was gone. “Huh? Did I fucking tell you to speak up?” Not too hard, nor too soft was his tactic for this Bengali sexbomb.

“Sorry…” She bent her head.

“‘Sorry, master’.”

“Sorry, master.”

“Now get down and suck my dick. See, your insubordination killed its hardness.”

She nodded and slid down from his lap. She took his member in her hand and jerked it twice. Then she took it into her warm, wet mouth. She jerked the base while sucking the top of his dick.

“No hands.”

Immediately she removed her hand. She bobbed her head up and down on his shaft. He was getting hard, his organ getting longer and thicker. She had to stop now and then to adjust to his growing thickness.

“Look into my eyes, baby girl.” She did. She looked into his eyes. But then looked away. Her face reddened as she blushed. “What did I say?”

She forced herself to look back into his eyes. Joginder let out a moan. It was heavenly, seeing her tiny mouth stretched, wrapped around his thickness, her gorgeous eyes with remnants of tears, her head bobbing up and down. He placed a hand on her head and forced her down further. She swallowed the whole of his cock and he let out another moan. “God, you are a fantastic sucker.” There was a mixture of pride and shyness on her face. And that amazed him a lot!

He fumbled for his phone and clicked a picture. Hesitation crossed her face, but a stern look drove away her fear. She began deep-throating, all by herself.

There were few messages from his daughters: ‘What are you talking about?’, ‘You there?’, ‘Daddy?!’, ‘We will be late. We will eat out! Love you!!’ and ‘Suck your dick later, daddy!’. The emojis used by them made him moan for the third time.

He looked back at her and clicked some more pictures. Then he showed them to her. Riya looked at her pictures and couldn’t control herself. She let out a deep groan. She immediately looked at him, guilty about the moaning, scared. He laughed lightly. “I am letting it go this time. But never again. OK? You won’t do anything without my permission.” He caressed her cheek lightly.

She nodded while still sucking him, locking her eyes on him. Him, the father of her best friends. Him, a friend of her father. Him, who had seen her grow up. Him, on whom she had a huge crush. Him, whom she still loved, in spite of the degrading treatment. He could plainly see adoration, love and lust in her eyes. She still had a crush on him.

“You are such a dumb bimbo,” he chuckled lightly. He saw her frowning. It was clear she didn’t understand this sudden declaration. But she kept sucking without uttering anything.

“OK, enough,” he said, pulling her up. “Get on the sofa and bend forward, like a bitch you are.” He slapped her butt lightly. She obliged and got on the sofa on her knees, bending forward.

He stood behind her and took in the view. She was looking back at him, her eyes begging him to pound her holes. Her ponytail was resting on her smooth, silky back. The curves and contours running down from her waist to her hip down to her thighs and legs almost made him climax. He had to look away for a second to control his feelings. Her bubbly butt cheeks bounced lightly as she kept shifting on her knees, trying to find a comfortable posture. And her pink, clean hole! Oh, my god! The puckered asshole kept on doing a squeezing motion. She was doing it purposefully or it was involuntary, he didn’t know. But he was in love with her hole. He decided to stuff her asshole that day itself.

But the winner was her wet, glistening pussy lips. She hadn’t spread her legs much, that’s why he couldn’t see a lot. Her baby-making hole was closed by the swollen lips, swollen as if some bee has stung them. And they were glistening, moisture licking out of the tightly shut lips. He couldn’t keep himself away.

He bent forward and ran his tongue over her pussy lips. And she moaned involuntarily, much against her wish. He straightened up and frowned. She looked back at him, guiltily once again, pleading for his forgiveness with her sexy eyes.

Joginder shook his head. “Not this time.” He could clearly read fear in her eyes and face. Last time, he almost bit off her nipple. This time… She shivered in fear.

He raised his hand and…


He spanked her butt cheek as hard as he could. And Riya let out a groan of pain.

“Again!” His frown got deeper.



This one was harder. She bit her lips to stop herself from making any sound.

“That’s like a good girl!” She didn’t respond. How could she? Her eyes were shut tightly, lips being bitten. She tried as hard as she could from reacting to her stinging ass-cheek.

He lightly caressed the reddening area where he had slapped. “That’s like my good girl,” he repeated himself. “No sound without my permission. OK?”

She just nodded, her eyes still shut, her head forward.

He licked two of his fingers and without warning shoved it into her pussy. Riya inhaled sharply, pain coursing along her body, ripping her vagina apart. Her hole was a tight fit. Though she was wet, it was still difficult for him to push his fingers deeper than an inch! He brought them out and pushed them again. And again and again till half went inside her hole. “God, you are so tight!” In response, she just whimpered in a mixture of pain and pleasure. “No sound!” warned Joginder and shoved yet again.

She gritted her teeth, squeezing her eyes shut.

“Nothing been in here, or what? Fuck you are damn tight!” He slowly started finger fucking her and increased his pace gradually. Riya’s breathing got harder and harder. She was wriggling her body from time to time. Joginder could feel her pussy muscle tighten around his fingers. So he increased his speed. He placed his thumb on her clit, which was already wet with her juices.

Riya let out another moan and immediately received a tight slap on her ass cheek. Joginder was finger fucking her with one hand and spanking with another. Two of his fingers were inside her and his thumb was rubbing her clitoris unceasingly. He kept spanking, though she had stopped moaning or whimpering or making any other noise. The slaps were painful. Though they made her wetter, every slap stung a lot. She willed herself to look back at her best friends’ daddy and pleaded. “Uncle, please!”

At once he brought out his fingers and squeezed her clit hard. Riya let out a cry and Joginder squeezed harder. “You are one disobedient whore. By God, it will be my pleasure to tame you!” He pinched her clit and she groaned again. All this sweet torture was bringing her closer to orgasm.  He realized it. It was all over her face! Her parted lips, her closed eyes, her red cheeks, her slightly trembling frame, her squeezing pussy lips and asshole, everything screamed of an incoming orgasm.

He slapped her ass cheek again and said, “You dirty bitch! Don’t you dare to come without my permission!”

She opened her eyes and looked back at him, pain and pleasure marking her face. “Please…”

He spanked her again. “Stop talking!” He realized his spanking was bringing her closer to climax. He chuckled and spanked her again. In return, Riya moaned like a bitch on heat. “You like getting spanked, no?” He slapped harder.

She moaned again. She didn’t feel pain anymore. Only pleasure coursed through her body as each slap landed. She could feel herself reaching the edge. She kept moaning and he kept whacking. Once or twice he even slapped her swollen and wet pussy lips. She just wriggled her ass in response, her groans of passion deeper and lustier. She was feeling something she had never felt before and she was loving it!

“You are a cheap slut who loves getting punished. You’re just a dirty little cum-slut!” With each statement he spanked her. She wasn’t moaning now. She was just quiet, her mouth open, her breathing quickening. No sound escaped her lips but he kept smacking her again and again. Ass cheeks, thighs, pussy lips, he left nothing. Her whole buttock was red. Her thighs were red. Even her face was red with passion!

He realized even he cannot take it much longer. He needed to stuff his meat inside her. He wanted to stuff his meat inside her! He stopped spanking, licked his fingers and rubbed the wetness of his spit and her juice on the head of his cock. He rubbed the head once again on her wet pussy lips to make it wetter and slicker. As he rubbed, she exhaled audibly. Next moment two things happened simultaneously: Joginder shoved his cock inside her, and Riya came like a cheap bitch on fire!

Her body shook and trembled. Her eyeballs rolled up inside her skull. Her mouth was agape. Wave after wave of shiver hit her body and went down to her sweet hole. Her muscles clenched and relaxed in quick successions. Juices and hormones flooded her love-making tunnel as she came on her father’s friend’s dick. She felt light-headed as strength left her body. Her head fell down and she almost collapsed, her knees giving away. It was Joginder who kept her body in that position, holding her hips, trying to push his member deeper as she came more and more.

Not even half of his cock was inside her when she came. Her pussy tightened around his cock, making it more difficult for him to shove it further. As he tried again and again, she came more. And that took him to the edge. He could feel he was about to come. But he didn’t want to. He needed to last longer. He wanted to fuck her senseless. He wanted to satisfy his lust.

So he pulled out his dick just as the peak was inches away. He closed his eyes and took few deep breaths. She was proving too hot for him. His T-shirt was totally drenched. He pulled it off and threw it away. He went to the fridge and drank from a bottle, the same bottle that Riya had drank from. Then he glanced towards the nymph.

She was still on the sofa, her head down between her knees, her ass high up in the air. Her legs dangled over, her sneakers still on. She was coated with sweat and juices and red marks of fingers and palm. Her body somehow shone, increasing her sex appeal. Her eyes were closed and her face showed signs of bliss and satisfaction. Loose hair stuck to her face, though her hair band was still there, wet because of sweat. Her lips were curved in a sweet smile. Her breathing had eased up, the shaking gone.

Though her beauty at that moment was peaceful and surreal, it gave birth to a twisted idea in his head. What he decided to do next was going to be kinkier and more painful at the same time.

Leaving the teen in the hall, Joginder moved towards his room. Their room, he thought, his and the twins’. The two girls slept with him now. It made no sense, them sleeping in another room when they made love almost each night. Sleeping, flanked by two beauties gave him sweet dreams every night. On some nights he would wake up to find one or both of them having a go on his dick. On others, he would just lie there, fondling their breasts as they slept peacefully, their breathing gentle and even.

As he entered the room, he could almost smell his daughters, their fruity scent, their scent of sex, his own masculine scent, all mixed together. He glanced towards the bed. Though the sheets were made, he could easily visualize them, lying on his two sides, their body raised on the elbows as they giggled and flicked their tongue, sometimes on his organ, sometimes on each other.

Last night’s last image played in his mind. Right before he dozed off, he saw them by his cock, quarreling as to who will be the first one to lick him clean. It was still semi-stiff, glistening with semen and secretions. And then he had blacked out because of exhaustion and pleasure, not knowing who won. When he woke up in the morning, they were at the same place, taking care of his morning wood. Ah, such loving daughters I have, he thought, chuckling.

He looked around the room, trying to remember where he had placed it. Or dropped it. He played the last night’s happenings in his mind. And it hit him! He stooped down, getting on his knees, bending under his bed, throwing his hand around to place it.

As the piece of bamboo wood touched his knuckles, he could hear Jasmeet’s moans in his head, as she counted for him. “One… Two… Ahh, three… Mmm, four, daddy, stop… Five, shit… Six, it hurts, Sir… Seven… Aaahh, eight, nooo… Nine, daddy, wait… Ten… Thank you, master! This cunt thanks you…” Then he had turned towards his other daughter, toying with the cane. Her eyes were wide with fear and anticipation as they kept darting from his face to his hands to the ass of her sister with red, linear marks of the cane. “Will it hurt, daddy?” Though she knew the answer, she asked it every time he caned them. She knew her question somehow made their father hornier. So whenever they played the game, she would ask, “Will it hurt, daddy?”

“Just a wee bit, munchkin!”

“Promise? OK…”

Now, as Joginder walked towards the hall, cane in his hands, to the waiting nymph, he wondered what her reaction would be. He found her as he had left her: head down, hips up, legs dangling, eyes closed. It looked as if she was asleep.

He tiptoed towards her, wanting her to be unaware of what was to come. He took a stance, bringing the cane close towards her bubbly butt. He could hear her eased up breathing. He could smell her glistening pussy lips. He could see her red butt cheeks. One part of him felt bad for what he was about to do. But then…

…he swung his hand outward and then swung it back towards her.


As the wood touched her skin, he could feel the time slow down. He could see it happening in slow motion, the cane bending, the flesh digging under the force of it, the ripples forming up and racing outwards to cover her entire cheeks. He could even see the muscles of his hand jolting because of the impact. And then the speed of time was back to normal.

Her body lurched forward. Riya screamed even before her brain processed the cause, her hands shooting towards her buttock on reflex.  She fell sideways, tumbling down to the floor. She looked up, from the thin slit of squeezed eyes as she grimaced in pain. Her eyes got big with horror when she saw the cane. Her horrified and distorted face reflected the emotions and thoughts that ran in her head. With tears and pain in her eyes, she mouthed, “Why…?”

Well, Joginder himself didn’t have the answer to the why. He had no idea why he did that! He just… “Because you are unruly.” He sounded half-convinced, not at all impressed by his own answer. “Because you came without my permission. Now get up. I’ve more planned for you.” Though he wasn’t going to do it again, he wanted to see this cocktease beg. He liked her begging.

“No, no more. Please…” she pleaded, in between her sobs. “No…” He bent down to pick her up and her pleading got louder. “No, Uncle, please, no more. Don’t do it.” She tried to wrestle and wriggle away, but his grip was firm. “It hurts. Stop.” And then as if she remembered, “Sir, master. Please. I can’t take it, Sir.”

He acted as if he was considering it, pleased that she called him ‘Sir’ and ‘master’. “Hmm! OK. No more caning. But, what should I do instead?”

She took a while before she said in her trembling voice, “You can have sex…?”

This girl is incredible! Unbelievably incredible! And incredibly unbelievable! “‘We can have sex.’”

“We can have sex,” she repeated at once.

Fuck me, her voice rang once again. “Sure, baby.”

He sat down on the sofa, dropping the cane, and made her sit on his lap, facing away. With one hand he started mauling her breasts while with another he started manipulating her pussy. And soon Riya was hot. Soon her breathing got ragged and it wasn’t long before she let out a groan of desire.

He smacked her immediately. “Bad girl! Bad, bad girl!” Another smack and he stopped his foreplay. He made her stand in front, bending her awkwardly so that her wet cunt was lined with his member. He pulled her closer by her shoulders till his hardness touched her wetness. He moaned and rubbed the wetness on his cock. Then he pulled her further, closer, driving the head inside her tight warmth.

She inhaled sharply, audibly, preparing herself for further invasion. Joginder thrust upwards while pulling her down, pushing another inch inside her. Another thrust and he was halfway inside. “My God, you are so tight!” He pulled out, rubbing her clit with his thumb. He waited for a moment and then pulled her all the way down on himself, till the hilt! Riya shrieked while he groaned. She was sitting on his lap, totally impaled on his organ, whimpering and trembling out of pain and pleasure. He pulled himself out once again and let her fall back on his cock.

“Aah, Uncle!”

“Don’t talk,” he warned her. “If you don’t stop being disobedient I will be a very bad master!” He started fucking her, his pace light and steady. “Understood?”

She nodded silently, her body bouncing with each thrust of his, her ponytail getting tossed around.

He slid his hands from her shoulders to her boobs and pinched her nipples lightly, rolling them in between his fingers. He pulled at them lightly, while he fucked her from underneath. “Fuck, you are damn tight. Never been fucked or what?” His hands slid down towards her hips.

Riya gasped and moaned in reply.

A quick, firm slap landed on her buttock. “Move your ass.” She obliged, raising her hips and then forcing it downwards, impaling herself on his hard dick. She kept bouncing her hips while he pushed from below, lightly gripping her hips for support.

He felt the climax nearing once again. But he wasn’t done yet. He wasn’t satisfied of this young eighteen-year-old body. He wanted more of her. “Just the tip, Riya. Take in just the tip, not the whole length.”

She nodded and changed her movements accordingly. She moved her sexy body up and down, taking in just the head of his cock. Her tight pussy lips gripped him firmly as she kept on simulating the pink bulb.

Joginder realized it was a bad decision. In the heat, he had forgotten that head of a dick is extra sensitive. Her warm tightness brought the peak even closer. He shoved her up, pulling his cock completely out of her. She let out a sound of protest as her tight tunnel vacated. “Turn around,” said he, totally ignoring her reaction. He kissed her as soon as she was facing him. The deep, passionate kisses helped in keeping the edge away.

In a flash, he got up and turned, pushing the girl down on the sofa. She fell down on her back, her legs stretched apart. He kneeled between her legs and licked her swollen, wet, red lips. She moaned in pleasure, closing her legs around his head. “Uncle…!”

In response, Joginder licked her clitoris hood. He flicked his tongue around, sometimes digging his teeth in her soft flesh. He used his fingers and tongue to control her level of pleasure. He licked and sucked and fucked her tight hole. Once in a while, he travelled down to her asshole, shoving his tongue inside her, only to get clinched by her tight, pulsating muscles. She was biting her lips, to keep away the moans, but the attention he paid her was driving her insane. He had to open her legs a few times as the intense pleasure forced her to close them. He even caressed her inner thighs and mound. She was shivering.

“Please stop, Uncle. Sir…” It was getting unbearable for her. She was nearing another orgasm. Her trembling got violent, her whole body shaking. She closed her legs, gripping his head tightly between them. Her breathing got shallow and eyes rolled up inside her head. And just as she was about to climax for the second time…

…Joginder let go of her and stood up, stepping back. It gave him a certain kind of pleasure, denying pleasure to the cocktease. He almost dived back towards her glistening cunt but held himself back.

For a second or two, she couldn’t process what’s happened. When she was back to her senses, she looked at him, a frown on her face, her mouth dangling wide, legs still separated apart. “Why…” She couldn’t complete what she was going to say as her father’s friend laughed out loud.

“You little slut! You told me to stop, no?” He chuckled some more.

She flushed, her face turning red. “But…” She was at a loss of words yet again. “I…”

“Shut up,” he commanded and stepped towards her. He climbed up towards her face and gave her his cock to suck.

She gladly took him into her eager mouth, avoiding using her hands. She licked and sucked and kissed and blew on his hard on. She gave extra attention to the underside, the soft skin just below the head, where it’s the most sensitive. Joginder moaned out involuntarily, his legs almost giving up. His organ twitched and he shoved his dick into her. It passed in smoothly. His balls slapped her chin as he skull-fucked her for a minute or two. She was salivating, making his dick slick and wet for her tight hole. She was a brilliant cocksucker. Either she’s a natural or she has a great trainer. The thought made him laugh. He pulled himself out of her mouth and looked down in her eyes. “Tell me this isn’t your first time, right?”

She blushed and looked away. Then she slowly nodded. “Yes, this isn’t my first time.” Her words were barely audible. But the groan of lust that he let out was loud. She looked up and flushed even more as she saw her friends’ father’s cock twitch. She scooted closer, to take him back in her mouth but he pushed her back.

“No. I’ll fuck you now.”

She nodded and lied down on her back. He mounted her, once again lining his dick with her hole, and pushed forward inside her.

“Ummmh…!” Riya exclaimed as his cock parted her pussy lips and sank deep inside her wet tightness. She pushed back at him, her gorgeous, sexy body reacting to his thrusts. He started fucking her, with slow but steady strokes. He grabbed her curvy hips and gradually increased his pace of thrusts, his cock reaching deeper into her young pussy. His cock was glistening with their juices and froth.

He licked her nipples. Using his tongue and lips, he sucked and licked her erect pink nipples. He traced the outline of her areolas with his tongue. Her body got covered with goosepimples as he took care of her, fucking her unceasingly. He pressed her supple boobs, digging his fingers in the soft flesh, licking the hard nipples.

He kissed her as his pace got faster. His hands were running all over her young body, his fingers tracing all the curves and contours of hers. He played with her navel, dipping his fingers in it. She giggled in response and he pinched her over there.

He held her head. “Look at me.” She obeyed. Her gorgeous eyes were brimming with passion as he stroked deeper inside her. His balls were slapping against her ass cheeks, making sounds that Joginder loved the most. Though he was more than double her age, he still had the stamina to fuck a young girl till she squirmed with pleasure.

“Aah, Uncle—”

He slapped lightly.

“Sir. Sorry, Sir, I love you.”

He raised his eyebrows out of delight. This made her blush and look away. “Look at me.” But she didn’t, still giggling and shying, looking away. “You know what, I don’t love you.”

That made her look back at him. “Why…?”

“I don’t love disobedient cocktease. I just fuck them, using them like a sex-doll.” He started fucking her faster. “I will make you my personal sex slave, my personal baby-maker. Yes, I will make you a cheap breeding machine.”

She moaned and blushed, and looked down towards her pussy lips. Joginder followed her eyes. His long and thick cock ploughed her tight hole mercilessly, moving in and out like a piston. The veins were taut with blood, rubbing against her wet wall of muscles.

Riya exclaimed and he looked back towards her. Her eyes were shut. He felt her getting tight down there, squeezing his hard dick. And without warning she came, her face distorted with pleasure. Wet secretions flowed out of her, onto his cock, making it slicker. The wet sound of fuck filled the room as he kept thrusting, while she came convulsively, shuddering under him, milking his cock.

And then he came. The wonderful sensation of young, juicy hole was too much for him. Before he could react or do anything, his back arched as he pushed his cock deeper and started spraying his white goo inside her. He groaned as his pulsating cock twitched inside her squeezing pussy, filling her up with his seed. His knees buckled in pleasure and he fell down on her little body, totally spent, still coming.

He gathered his energy and pulled himself up, out of her body. He was still erect, his hardness totally covered with secretions and globs of sperm. He fell down beside her, his dick twitching and releasing white fluids. “Come,” he said, heaving, holding the back of her neck, “clean me.” He pulled her up in sitting position. Come was dripping out of her pussy, flowing downwards. He pushed her down on the floor. She squatted between his legs as he pushed his cock inside her mouth.

She was still dazed by her orgasm. She kept still, his semi-erect penis in her mouth, swaying a bit. Her eyes were closed and her body was trembling slightly. Not in her senses, she couldn’t hear his repeated instructions.

Joginder stroked her cheek lightly. “Riya?” She opened her eyes, unfocused, still far away. He called out her name once again.

“Huh?” she looked up, his dick sticking out of her mouth.

“Clean my cock.”

And after ages, she bobbed her head. She held the base and then started licking, running her tongue along his dick, collecting white semen and her juice on her tongue. She swallowed them and got back at cleaning him further.

He threw his head back and closed his eyes, resting. He played the whole evening in his mind. He recalled the fuck. He replayed the mind boggling orgasm again and again. He thought of alternate ways to fuck her. He could have done this, he could have said that. He could have fucked her until his dick got soft. He could have…

“Uncle? Sir?”

He opened his eyes on hearing her sweet voice and looked at her. “What?”

“I’m done, Sir,” she said, proudly, like a kid who had done her task all by herself.

“Huh? Hmm…” She was stroking him, lightly, looking up at him, waiting for further instructions. “But you ruined the floor.”

“Huh?” She followed his gaze and looked down. Liquids and fluids had come out of her vagina and dripped down onto the floor. There was a puddle of sex juice between her legs. Some lump of semen stuck to her thighs. She reddened with shame as more come oozed out of her.

“Clean it too.”

“Huh?” She looked up.

“C’mon! Lick it clean.”

She waited, trying to understand what was asked of her. And when she did, she stretched out on her knees and hands, bowing down to the floor. Her pink tongue flashed out of her mouth when she was just above the puddle. She lapped at it once.

Joginder moaned at the sight. She tucked back the loose strands of hair as she kept lapping. She slurped and licked and lapped up some more. She even scooped the semen sticking to her body and licked them too, swallowing and gulping all of it.

He had asked her to clean the floor. She could have used her fingers to scoop up the secretions and then lick it off her fingers. But no! she was lapping it up like a bitch. She was humiliating herself. It was as if she liked getting humiliated.

After the quick work, she looked back at him, still on her knees and hands. “Good girl!” she grinned as her master praised her. “Come here.”

When she was between his legs, he asked, “Tell me, do you like getting humiliated?” He was rubbing and stroking his cock on her cheeks and lips.

She flushed on the question. Then she nodded.

He grinned. “What else do you like?”

“Forced sex,” she said, her voice feeble. “Rape.” With the last word, she shied away, turning into the colour of beetroot.

He let out a laugh. Whoa! His personal plaything turned out to be a complete slut. “Really?” He laughed again and shoved his dick in her mouth. She happily obliged, opening her mouth, and started sucking him. “When did you do it for the first time?”

“Two months back,” she said in between slurps. “On my birthday.”

He moaned yet again. Fuck, she is a sex-craved girl! He clearly remembered the night of her eighteenth birthday. His daughters looked mind-blowing in their dresses, their eighteen-year-old bodies oozing sex appeal. He had asked them to not go to the birthday party of their best friend. “Instead, we can fuck to our heart’s content!”

“We will definitely fuck, daddy! To out heart’s content,” Jasmeet said boldly, giggling. “But not now. After we come back. OK?”

Jasmine had hugged him and mumbled in her childish demeanor, “Promise!” Then she had raised herself on her toes and kissed his cheek. “You can have my ass,” she had whispered sultrily in his ear.

It had taken the whole of his willpower to stop himself from taking his daughters then and there. And later when they were doing it, he was a total animal. He had fucked Jasmine’s ass sore. She had to literally plead to him to go slow.

When it was Jasmeet’s turn to bounce on his cock, they told him about Riya. “For sure, she got fucked today!” Jasmeet was gyrating her hips, fucking their daddy’s dick. Her sister was sitting on their father’s face, getting her pussy and ass licked after a hard fuck. Jasmine was whimpering, playing with her nipples as their father was tongue-fucking her cunt. There’s a tiny, sexy mole on one of her pussy lips. She knew he loved licking and biting her over there. There was another beauty mark just beside her asshole. Joginder licked both the places while his other daughter went up and down on his hard shaft, telling him about the birthday girl.

“She couldn’t walk properly. When we asked she said she injured herself. But I know, daddy, she got fucked today. She walked exactly like Jasmine did when you took her virginity.” Jasmine moaned when her name was mentioned. She forced her hips down on his tongue. “Aaahh, daddy…!”

Now, Joginder realized that he was hard once again, skull-fucking Riya. Her eyes were rolled up and she was sputtering and gagging all over his cock. “You like getting used, don’t you? You like getting humiliated. Forced, raped!” He fucked her mouth with new vigour, holding her head between his palms. “You know what; I will fuck you till you plead me to stop. I will use your hot body in any way I like. I will even let others fuck you.”

She moaned hearing that.

“You would want that, won’t you? You dirty whore on heat!” With that he let go of her head, pulling his cock out of her gaping mouth. She blinked twice and focused as her mouth was vacated, coughing.

He pawed for his phone and found it underneath the cushions. He dialed a number and spoke when the call connected. “Hey, I have a surprise for you. A gift. Bring Ahmad too.” He disconnected immediately without any further explanation and looked towards the sex-loving teen. She had a mixture of emotions written on her face: fear, anticipation, lust, hesitation.

He held her chin and spoke, “Unlatch the door and come back here to suck my dick. I want to fuck your ass.”


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